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Every time you make a donation and support our efforts, we are able to provide free dental care to our veterans and significantly improve their lives.

We would like you to meet some of them and read their stories.

Meet Jason D., US Army - Read Their Stories - One of thoses veterians who have recieved dental care at the DOV Project from your donations and support Jason D., US Army
I spent more than 10 years as a US Army Combat Medic and was multiply deployed to OIF OEF. Prior to that I had been deployed to active zones in the Balkans, Africa and Latin America. I retired honorably from the Army for severe medical reasons although I had wanted to be a career soldier. Conflicted over a difficult decision for which I had zero preparation, I threw myself into my education as a way to avoid confronting the question of who I was and my identity outside of the military.

I did my undergrad and graduate degrees at UC Berkeley in Philosophy then Sociology where my research focused on how veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars rebuilt social identity and recommitted to social institutions. I also became very active in the veterans’ advocacy and transition issues, a field were I have made major contributions over the past decade. My work has received National Medals including a Change Agent Award by state and national media. My most recent work, The War Ink Project, is a highly publicized, California multimedia exhibit of veteran tattoo art which brings their narrative of war into the civilian mind, ignites meaningful dialogue and addresses the topic of veterans’ full return to the communities of the nation.

Currently, I hold an appointment to the research group at the VA Program In Rehabilitation Neuroscience, and serve as a consultant to the White House Joining Forces Initiative. While I am grateful for the success I have had outside the military, there are far too many who have not. The work I do now and will continue to do in the future is dedicated to making sure that returning veterans transition successfully, with purpose, into civilian life.

Meet Tony C., US Army - Read Their Story - One of thoses veterians who have recieved dental care at the DOV Project from your donations and support Tony C., US Army
I enlisted in the Army in 1987 and in 1990 I deployed with the 101st Airborne to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq as a heavy duty machine operator. On the front lines and oil fields of Iraq, my duties routinely included backsweeping enemy territory to make conditions safe for our troops.

In 1997, I was honorably discharged and began my transition to a civilian life. For the last 15 years, it has been a tough road. I struggle daily with health conditions that resulted from my time in the service. My family and I deal with it day by day and seek the support and camaraderie from friends and veteran support groups. I have a major medical procedure to undergo soon and with its success, I can hopefully move on and start a new life.

My father and I have shared a love of hot rods and classic cars all our lives and we continue to do so. My career goal is to be an entrepeneur and open a custom hot rod shop which brings together my love for cars and art. But a deeper passion, one which I too have experienced, is homelessness. I am an unrelenting advocate for sheltering homeless veterans and I will continue to do so until this tragedy no longer exists.

Meet Mike C., US Navy - Read Their Stories - One of thoses veterians who have recieved dental care at the DOV Project from your donations and support Mike C., US Navy
I joined the US Navy in 1972 and served on five ships as a Machinist Mate. During my enlistments, I visited the Orient on six West-Packs and vacationed each time for up to one month. I was involved in safety and damage control on top of my normal duties of Main Propulsion and Auxiliaries. I had numerous hobbies while in the sService that I continue to date, including leather crafts, wood carving, jewelry making, electronics and classic cars!

After my second Honorable Discharge I worked in 65 different union jobs in the Millwrights, Aerospace Workers & Stationary Engineers. Today I do handyman work and volunteer one day a week teaching faceting!

My interests span a wide variety of subjects from organic gardening and foods, ethnic cooking, baking to crafts of every genre including welding, sheet metal, lathe, machine work old school wood working with hand tools, leatherwork, lost wax casting and lapidary. I enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, skiing, four wheeling and motorcycles.

My favorite vacation spot is Northern Kauai. I wish I could retire there! (Paradise on Earth)